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Are you getting engaged or married in 2017?                           Free Shipping and realistic online pricing 


In a World of Mass Production and cheap overseas Imports you can still get that 

"Good old fashioned Service" 

Hand-forged Gold Jewellery for best wearing Quality. Made by a Master Craftsman.

33 years in the Jewellery Trade and 23 years in Qld, AUSTRALIA.

Imagine your custom made Engagement Ring!  

Imagine your personally created, bespoke Wedding Rings!

           Direct from your manufacturing Master Jeweller & Diamond-setter.
Based in Queensland, Australia
Call: 0423 709 799 or email HERE 
'German precision engineering in Australia'  
Meet me at the Studio by Appointment. Call: 0423 709799   
High-End Workmanship delivered Worldwide  
SKYPE Address:  E.worldwide
"Eckart was personable, creative and worked with us to create the most amazing Engagement Ring that nearly 10 years on I still love as much as when I first got it."
Service Category: Jeweller
Year first hired: 2005
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
Hello Eckart.    
I just received the package and WOW!!!!!!!!!
You Sir, are a talented man.
I will stay in touch with you and keep you posted as to when the question is asked and a photo of Janet with your talent on her hand. Thank you again sir.
I will be in touch.
Dan / California, USA
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Shop selected, high-end Diamonds for your fully customised Engagement Ring.

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Passion -  Creativity and realistic Pricing!

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Customised Engagement + Wedding Rings for you, delivered Worldwide.
Free Delivery - Excellent Craftsmanship 


 Surprise someone with a beautiful, rare Australian ARGYLE Pink Diamond!

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