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"A very important Part of my 

professional Work is to provide you with the right Diamonds / Gemstones for your specific Ring Project.

Fully Certified and guaranteed with Laser Inscription. To suit your personal Taste and fit within your specified Budget."

There are many Details to consider when it comes to 

the Pro's and Con's of the different types of Diamonds and Gemstones.

Today, the Internet offers many Sources 

of Diamond Education and Gemstone Information.

I see that as a positive thing because it enables everyone 

to make a educated Decision instead of relying on someone

in some Shop talking down on you with their supposed Authority.

My Service is somewhat different because I do not really hold

any significant Stock of loose Diamonds or Gemstones for you to select from.

Rather what I do is to act on your behalf

basically as a Broker to hunt down and select the best Stones from my global Network 

of "Trade Only" Diamond Miners / Cutters and various Gemstone Cutters.

That way I can provide you with better, more selected Stones, guaranteed natural 

and for a realistic Price, to suit what you are looking for.

Some of my Clients come to me after they have sourced their own Diamonds

and ask me to set the Stones in a bespoke Ring. Great. Always happy to create your Dream Ring!

If you have not yet found your Dream Diamond, I have long established Contacts

to reputable Diamond / Gemstone Cutters allowing me to source directly for you, 

from a very large Inventory of Diamonds and Gemstones. 

Because I do not operate an expensive Business on the High Street, 

I can offer my Clients often the better Deals and better Diamonds / Gemstones 

when compared to larger, branded Jewellery Companies.

In a Nutshell, I specialise in highly personalised Services 

when it comes to providing you with the right Diamond or precious Stone.

Contact me now to find out if, and how I can help you to find the perfect Diamond or Gemstone for your special Engagement or Wedding Ring.       

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